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Thorax #2 : Thoracic vertebrae (Part-1)

Thorax #2 : Thoracic vertebrae (Part-1)


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Vertebrae Overview

Vertebrae Overview anatomy for Diablo Valley College Anatomy and Physiology.

Human Anatomy Video: The Typical Vertebra

For a student, who just started studying the spinal column, it is imperative to find, observe and to identify features of typical vertebra. Those findings are later to ...



Vertebral column

This tutorial covers the basics of the vertebral column.



Vertebral column - anatomy tutorial


Bone Organs 5- Vertebrae

Part 5 in a 10 part lecture on bone organs in a flipped Human Anatomy course taught by Wendy Riggs. CC-BY. Watch the whole lecture (all 10 videos) by going ...

A vertebra

Let's have a look at the parts of a vertebral bone.

How to Know Which Vertebrae Your Spinal Nerve Root is Being Pinched On Causing Your Pain

Every person who sufferers in pain needs to understand their own anatomy of their spinal condition, so they may be proactive in the healing process.

Seth isn't human!!! We can pop each of his vertebrae!!!

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Gerber Vertebrae Compact Fixed Blade Knife

Hikers prefer compact, lightweight, and highly functional tools. The Vertebrae Fixed Blade is ideally sized for such requirements. It is as rugged as any full size ...

Individual Vertebrae with Structures

For pictures of these models with answer keys to help you study: http://www.humanbodyhelp.com/axial-skeleton/ ...

Human anatomy Video : Description of a typical thoracic vertebra

Demi, hemi or semifacets galore! Hopefully this section will help to see them better and to memorize them easier !

Cervical Vertebrae Anatomy

Cervical vertebrae anatomy explained with differentiating each cervical bone both typical and atypical cervical vertebrae atlas, axis with typical vertebrae along ...

Anatomy of the Vertebral Coloumn 3D anatomy (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral & Coccyx)

The video shows the anatomy of the vertebral column. The video goes in detail with the different parts of the vertebral column. The vertebral column contains ...

How to segment multiple vertebrae in spine CT for 3D printing

Step by step tutorial for segmentation a section of the lumbar spine and exporting it for 3D printing. Printed vertebrae can be inserted into commercial training ...

Learn The Parts of the Vertebrae

By drawing out this schematic of a typical vertebra, and labeling it, you can quickly learn it's anatomy.

Spinal Bones Song

Learn about the vertebrae that make up the spine. See all the bone songs at \



Osteology Viva_Vertebrae by Ghanashyam Vaidya

Anatomy Osteology Viva Presentations by Dr Ghanashyam Vaidya, For students of Anatomy (1st MBBS). For better understanding and quick revision.Description ...



Thoracic vertebrae vs. Lumbar vertebrae - Human Anatomy | Kenhub

The vertebral column is comprised of many vertebrae. It can be divided into 3 distinct parts: cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines. Test your knowledge on the ...

first cervical vertebra - The atlas

it is also called as an atlas and it moves around the odontoid process(dens) of axis vertebra to provide rotatory movements of skull at median atlanto-axial joint.

How to fix a displaced vertebrae. Vertebral subluxation

How to fix a displaced vertebrae. Vertebral subluxation. If it moves out of its normal position, it causes damage to nerve structure, produces bodily distortions and ...

typical cervical vertebrae - C3 to C6

third to sixth cervical vertebrae are the typical ones sharing some common features which are described in this video.

Development of the Vertebrae: Sclerotome, Ribs & Sternum – Embryology | Lecturio

This video “Development of the Vertebrae: Sclerotome, Ribs & Sternum” is part of the Lecturio course “Embryology” ▻ WATCH the complete course on ...

Anatomy of the vertebral column of the domestic animals


Human Anatomy Videos: Lumbar vertebrae - typical and atypical

This video describes both typical and atypical features of lumbar vertebrae and also compares it to the thoracic group (lower thoracic vertebrae). Towards the ...

differences in vertebrae


The Vertebral Column: Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae

A review of the bony landmarks of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, plus an overview of the sacrum and coccyx. Video created by Rob Swatski, Associate ...

Vertebra, Rib, Sternum, Os Coxae, Clavicle, Scapula, Humerus, Ulna and Radius

Vertebra, Rib, Sternum, Os Coxae, Clavicle, Scapula, Humerus, Ulna and Radius for Dr. Moore Keiser University Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab Lakeland ...

Thoracic Vertebrae, Rib Cage and Sternum

Dr. Fabian Identifying Parts of Thoracic Vertebrae, Rib Cage and Sternum.

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